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Upcoming adventure:
Portugal | October 2018 & The Henna Society Conference | November 2018

My most recent adventure:
Attended Henna Huddle,
a London Henna Conference.

A weekend of  workshops held by some of the best of the best henna artists around the world. Notable teachers to follow included, Debbi @hennacrone, Fatima @Handoffatima, Veronica @veronicalilu, and Sabrina @ritualbydesign. Each offered up their knowledge on specific styles such as, bridal, floral, moroccan and so much more.  Afterwards, I spent 2 weeks exploring London, taking countless trains for a night in The Cotswolds and Paris. I collected donuts in my purse along the way, realized the Eiffel tower was much further than anticipated and did whatever the heck I wanted. Isn't that how life should be?

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