M.O.M Hacks - Month of May Campaign

Parenting is hard, so we've come up with a hack a day for the month of May!
Visit babiesrus.com/hacks to learn more!

A year into my time at Babies"R"Us I was given the May catalog. Four months later on the day of release, it went from 28 printed pages to 159 digital assetts consisting of 31 hacks, 31 emails, organic & paid pinterest posts, social carousels, 6 videos, banner ad's, in-store signage, social posts, landing page/ flips, and much more. 
Hack yeah, it was madness but oh so worth it. 
Role: Art Direction, design lead & hack photography/ styling
Couldn't have done it without: Cheryl Christofi, Joe Riley, Edwin Rivera, Laura Graff,
Kristin Hutchins, Anthony Volanti & team.